Draft Comprehensive Plan

Below is a link to a full PDF copy of the 2040 Oak Grove Comprehensive Plan. Links to individual chapters are listed below as well. Please click on the plan/chapter to follow the link to a PDF copy.

Oak Grove Draft Plan (11.14.2018)

Cover Page and Table of Contents (11.14.2018)

Chapter 1: Introduction (11.14.2018)

Chapter 2: Plan Process (11.15.2018)

Chapter 3: Community Elements (11.14.2018)

Chapter 4: Land Use (11.29.2018)

Chapter 5: Implementation (11.14.2018)

Appendix A – Community Indicators (11.14.2018)

Appendix B: Plan Maps (11.29.2018)

Appendix C: Complete Survey Results (11.13.2018)

Appendix D: Local Watershed Management Plan (To Be Completed in 2019)