Draft Comprehensive Plan

Below is a link to a full PDF copy of the 2040 Oak Grove Comprehensive Plan.

Oak Grove 2040 Comp Plan Full Draft

Additionally below is a list of the draft chapters for the 2040 Oak Grove Comprehensive Plan. Please click on the chapter titles to download the most current PDF version of that draft chapter.

The organization of the plan is based on the planning process and is divided into five chapters plus three important appendices.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Discusses the role of the plan, Thrive MSP 2040 requirements, and key community indicators.

Chapter 2: Planning Process & Public Participation
Outlines the planning process, public participation methods and a summary of all feedback.

Chapter 3: Community Elements
This chapter includes a vision for the future of the City, as desired in 2040, goals and policies for the community elements of the plan, including: Transportation, Water Resources, Parks & Trails, Housing, Resilience, and Economic Competitiveness.

Chapter 4: Land Use
This chapter covers growth forecast, community designation, existing land use, future land use, density calculations, staged development and redevelopment, natural resources and special resources protection.

Chapter 5: Implementation
This chapter outlines how the plan is to be implemented, how the plan should be amended when necessary, and the annual management of the plan.

Appendix A: Community Indicators
Appendix A is a compilation of data that describes the existing conditions, trends, and projections for Oak Grove. This data informs the planning process and should be updated from time to time to track progress and change in the community.

Appendix B: Comprehensive Plan Maps
Appendix B is a compilation of the maps made for various areas of the comprehensive plan.

Appendix C: Complete Survey Results
Appendix c is a compilation of complete results of the community survey.

Oak Grove 2040 Future Land Use Map 12.06.2017
The 2040 Future Land Use Map 12.06.2017